What’s the best thing about working in advertising in Budapest?  

Getting permission to enter the secret gems of the city most people only dream of. 

And the worst thing? 

Not getting permission to enter the secret gems (turns out museums are not a huge fan of sex toy ads). 

What advice would you give to a visitor? 

Look for history beyond the monuments. The magic of Budapest is in the cultural diversity, every building has a story to tell. Wander around the city and let it guide you to the place you need to be. Around every corner, you bump into a pub, small family-run businesses, cafes, and restaurants. Budapest is like New York, you feel like everything is possible… only… we drink more and our buildings are older.

If you were booking a hotel in Budapest, where would you stay? 

Paris Courtyard Hotel, but I’m biased. Before it was a hotel, the courtyard was an abandoned passage that once was a popular shopping destination for the higher-ups in the 19th century. Now, it’s been restored to its former glory and I just can’t get enough of it. With luxury apartments on the rooftop, you have an amazing view of the city.

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Where’s the best place to eat in Budapest? 

All cuisine is available; from downtown, Michelin Star places, to the tiny suburb pubs. Our personal secret favorite is the Vásárcsarnok Great Market Hall—built in 1897—home-made style meals, and Hungarian snacks like Lángos at the upper floor food stands and eateries. Lángos is typical Hungarian street food, a deep-fried flatbread with different toppings; our favourite is the cheese and sour cream on the top.

And to have a drink?

For someone who has never been to Budapest, a rooftop bar is compulsory. My personal favourite is Divino by the Basilica. Can’t really explain why, there’s just something about the atmosphere. Okay… they have great wines, cheese plates and it’s truly a sight for sore eyes.

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What do you miss when you are out of the city?

Everything. Mostly the statues and buildings. Okay, the people too. 

Who would you love to work with? 

Anyone who has the same endless love for filmmaking in their hearts as we do.

If Budapest were a product or brand what would it be?

It would be a woman’s handbag… you know, one of those that are fully packed and you wouldn’t even be surprised if you end up fishing out an elephant instead of your headphones. 

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What’s your favourite memory of Budapest?

Once on a day off, (I know, it’s hard to believe), I decided to go to a doll clinic to repair my childhood teddy bear. I didn’t expect this trip to be of interest, but it turns out, here everything can turn into a film noir situation. I soon found myself listening to the owner telling me in a dramatic voice about a mysterious bear repair professional. "Call her and tell her that you got the number from the clinic. You need to be persistent." —Where do I find her? Does she have a shop?— "No. She is a pensioner. She’ll meet you at Buda."


What’s Budapest’s favourite pastime?

Each their own but I love late-night conversations by the Danube or at the old Roman ruins of an Amphitheatre.

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One table, four places: You and who else? 

My colleagues. And you can come along. 

What’s your one-line life philosophy? 

We will cross every bridge when we are there, even if we have to build one.

Impossible is just a point of view, we do not believe it exists. 

If you could have one question answered, what would it be? 

Where are the Unicorns?