Award-winning production company Odelay Films has announced an international expansion with its first outpost in the U.S. 

Led by co-founder and director Peter Lee Scott [above, right] alongside fellow co-founders Prudence Beecroft [above, centre] and Ed Arthur [above, left], and with east coast sales representation by The Family NYC. 

Guided by the principle of “creativity driven by action, action driven by creativity,” Odelay brings a collaborative approach to its work with brands and agencies. At launch, Odelay’s U.S. roster, alongside Scott, includes directors Lavender & Ravenscroft, The Masons, Marcus Storm, Bohdan Rohulskyi, Miranda Bowen, Tobias Pekelharing, Ben Falk, and Joakim Behrman.

“It’s always been paramount for us at Odelay to provide a level of service and innovation that’s as considered in front of the camera as it is behind the scenes, and that has resonated deeply with our clients,” shared Scott. “For nearly a decade now, we’ve been growing our network, expanding our horizons and creativity to deliver the best results, and nurturing a roster of incredible talent – and we’ll continue to do this as we bring our skills and experience to the U.S. market. As we progress, we hope to continue building relationships with brands and agencies who are equally as excited as we are about making standout work in a conscious way.”

Founded in London nine years ago, Odelay has worked with leading international brands including Samsung, Coca-Cola, Dyson, Adidas, Ikea, Thomas Cook, Toyota, eBay, and many others. Odelay stands apart in the production space with its deep commitment to sustainability and diversity alongside ambitious craftsmanship. Odelay’s 10-point environment policy enables them to operate as a fully carbon-neutral production company, and they are nearing completion of B-Corp certification – one of few production companies in the world to meet these high standards for environmental performance and transparency. With a focus on diversity, Odelay’s roster has long championed women and underrepresented communities, and each production undergoes diversity monitoring to ensure that the crew accurately reflects the broader population.

“Discovering Odelay Films has been a highlight this year,” said Diane Patrone, Owner and President of The Family NYC. “When I met Pete, I knew I wanted to work with him. Then I met the rest of the team and found them all to be smart and savvy, with a strong sense of who they are as a company. What Odelay offers in terms of talent and experience is unique, and they have a refreshingly modern and distinctive roster. I'm excited to introduce them to the East Coast market.”

Building upon its broad range of creative expertise, Odelay also recently expanded into feature film and television production, taking a character-first approach to development for content that will inspire and resonate with audiences. 

Odelay’s first feature film is the documentary The Road of Excess, directed by BAFTA winner Jamie Jones, which was recently named Best Documentary Feature at the 2023 Manchester Film Festival. The film follows ex-MTV UK star Matt Pritchard as he grapples with everything from the peaks of stardom to the depths of addiction in his pursuit of inner peace.