J2O launches They’re Well Posh, a new integrated campaign created by agency of record, VCCP London and its content creation studio Girl&Bear.

They’re Well Posh is the latest campaign from Britvic’s J2O to celebrate its new mocktail range which launched in October.

The campaign is brought to life by an integrated agency team comprised of VCCP, Girl&Bear Studios who led production, m/Six who drove media planning and buying, with influencer support from Whalar.

The spots aim to position J2O’s mocktail range as a premium, or ‘posh’, soft drink for social occasions. The campaign continues Britvic’s push to break category norms within the soft drinks market, using humour to make the brand more relevant to a younger adult audience.

The campaign is centred around a hero 20” film produced by Girl&Bear Studios, VCCP’s global content creation studio. The film was directed by renowned comedic director, Ben Tonge, who also directed Tango’s recent films Warden which launched this year as well as Bust in 2023.

Britvic J2O – They’re Well Posh

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The spot pokes fun at the extreme behaviour of the upper classes to create premium perceptions of the new mocktails range. We see two people sat in a sunny garden sipping on J2O Mocktails. “Oi oi, cheeky mojito mocko?” The characters create their own names for the drinks using posh slang, such as ‘Dacquers’ and ‘Marty Nay Nay’. As the spot continues, the conversation gets harder to understand as the poshness escalates, eventually turning into indecipherable babble. At the height of absurdity, we see a third man sat in a tree who exclaims “I’m in a tree!”. The end frame shows the full mocktails range and restores normality as a voiceover says “J2O mocktails? They’re well posh”. Humorous small print on the end frame reads: ‘Send your butler to the soft drinks aisle’.

The campaign is supported by an additional 20” film, two six second special edits which will also run across YouTube.

Munnawar Chishty, Great Britain Marketing Director at Britvic said: “With this new campaign for J2O Mocktails we continue our mission to break boundaries within the soft drinks category. ‘They’re well posh’ lands a compelling message about the premium nature of our new range in a brilliantly original and humorous way.”

George Wait, Creative Director at VCCP said: “For our J2O mocktails campaign we set out to exaggerate the poshness of the products by satirising the tropes of the very poshest members of society. With dialogue that ranges from the ridiculous to the completely incomprehensible, our campaign aimed to deliver the simple message that poshos love mockos! (‘Mockos’ meaning J2O mocktails for those of us that didn’t attend Eton.)"