The creative production studio NERD Productions announces that live-action director Kyla Philander is the new addition to their talent pool for UK & US representation. 

Philander finds filmmaking the perfect medium to bring authentic stories to life. Interweaving themes of social issues and emotional turmoil with expressions of hope, courage and triumph, their work is inspired by their own life experience and their drive for true and authentic representation.

Philander has been able to translate their nuanced and clear vision in service of storytelling, putting light on the realness of this world and urging the viewer to think while watching their films. Philander has already had the opportunity to tell stories for brands including Google, Volkswagen, Ackermans, amongst others.

Philander's work brings to the advertising industry a wealth of experiences unique of its kind. Philander always steps out of their comfort zone and, in their latest work for Volkswagen, when asked to jump in front of the camera, they successfully immersed their audience in the honest life of a young person continually pushing to perform, despite what the mind and body might say.

Milana Karaica Executive Producer at NERD Productions, says: "Kyla's passion and endless drive are infectious. Their incredible films are heartfelt, powerful and empowering, inspiring us all to be the best version of ourselves. Kyla is a perfect fit for the NERD family and echoes our values through and through."