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We've all had that stomach-lurching feeling that can accompany the opening of a particularly unwanted bill. However, for the viewer/protagonist of this imaginative and impeccably commercial for MoneySuperMarket, the tummy flip-flop is more likely to be because of the unexpected, disorientating POV free fall.

Opening with the viewer in normal-looking kitchen, Clouds, directed by Matthijs van Heijningen through MJZ, quickly changes gear and plunges the camera out of an open floor-to-ceiling window, hurtling towards the earth, all in an impressive single-shot.

Helping to realise the vision, from recently appointed ad agency Engine, is some impressive VFX and grading work from Framestore, challenged with seamlessly 'taking over' the live action shot once the main character has fallen out of the living room. 

Accompanied by the mighty vocal powers of Matt 'Toast' Berry, the result is a surprising and joyously kinetic new direction for the brand.