I always love seeing old desks that don’t have a place for a computer. 

It’s weird to think about what you would do for work without one, but it seems pretty wonderful doesn’t it?

Workspaces now feel mostly digital and, since I travel for shoots, that’s reinforced; most of the time all I really need is a laptop. 

But that’s all the more reason why having a dedicated workspace when I’m home is such a priority for me. 

So anyway, these are a few of my favourite things:

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The Quotes, The Cutouts, and The Film

I think the internet has lulled people into a false sense of confidence that we can “find anything.” 

Yes, I realize searching is easier than ever and we have a lot at our fingertips as our lives become more and more digital, but I think it’s also why so many things feel homogenous today.

Style is regurgitated and trends spread like wildfire on social media. 

My least favourite thing about the internet is that you rarely find something you weren’t looking for, and I think creativity and discovery should go hand in hand.

So I really try to break away from online references, social media, or filmmaking trends wherever possible. 

I like to write out quotes or goals on sticky-notes, and pull apart old magazines for images to hang up. 

I’m a huge fan of Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files – I have one of his newsletters printed out and tacked up by my desk now.

I also like to scan my own film. The process of selecting, cleaning, and scanning the film takes much longer, and I find it meditative. 

It helps me process and think about other things I am working on rather than rushing through the task. 

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The Books

My wife has a unique ability to find and collect reference books. 

She’s lugged many of these back from overseas and I appreciate it every time I grab one to flip through. 

From photography to fashion to architecture, I find browsing these when I’m blocked or working through a pitch so inspiring. 

(We do, of course, have a section of film books too.)

The Cameras

This has to be the most consistently shared item in this series – which makes total sense. 

The most sentimental item in my camera collection is the Sony Handycam at the bottom. 

I didn’t go to film school so I learned how to shoot on that camera making skateboarding videos with my friends in high school. 

It’s seen better days and is currently held together with some carefully placed Scotch Tape... 

But it still works!

The Boards

I’m happiest when I’m lost in something. 

Not distracted and pulled away, but present. 

I think skateboarding and surfing are two of my favourite examples of this, so I try to make time to go as much as possible. 

I’m not far from the LES skatepark park in Manhattan which is a great way to get away from work and reset. 

My wife and I also surf in Rockaway – surfing is more of a recent thing for me but as you can see our ability to collect books has translated well into surfboards too!

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The Food

I’ve always loved to cook, but the pandemic really gave me the time to learn so much more.

Now it’s a treat to be home and cook for friends. 

I also think it’s another example of something that gets me away from a screen.

The Piano

On days when I feel like I’m on back-to-back Zooms, my piano feels like a refuge. 

It’s tactile, soothing, and instant creative gratification. 

Even just sitting for a few minutes between calls helps me reset. 

Above it, on the wall, there’s one of my favourite pieces of art in our apartment – a Polish Hitchcock movie poster that was one of the first gifts my wife gave me. 

I’m not sure how she finds this stuff on Ebay but I love it. 

There’s also my favourite photo of us shot by our good friend and photographer, Erinn Springer. 

Lots of happy things packed into a little corner!