Post-production company Lost Planet adds editor Chuck Willis to its esteemed roster of talent. Seamlessly cut and perfectly paced, Willis is known for his eye for cinematic, human moments and his ear for amplifying clever, comedic dialogue.

Through his storied career as an editor, Willis has been awarded numerous accolades, including a 2023 Clio for the spot Those Guys, for Volkswagen, many Cannes Lions, LIAs, Addy’s, AICP Awards, D&AD, an Emmy nomination, as well as a Grammy Award. Three of Willis’s commercial films rank amongst the permanent collection at MOMA. He is well known for his work editing Super Bowl commercials for Go Daddy and Pepsi’s Boy In A Bottle, which remains the highest-rated Super Bowl spot of all time. Additional advertising collaborations include working with Little Caesar’s, Rakuten, Hershey, Citi, Kayak, Lowes, DraftKings, NY Lottery, Dish Network, Foot Locker, and many others.

Beyond editing for some of the world’s top brands, Chuck Willis edited many show openings and commercial parodies for Saturday Night Live. His most popular sketches for SNL are Woomba, Compulsion by Calvin Kleen, Colon Blow, Change Bank, The Helmsley Hotel, and Spook House, and Adobe, the little car that’s made out of clay. Over the course of fifteen years at the beloved late-night show, Willis honed his storytelling skills and sharpened his comedic sensibilities through editing and occasional stints directing these parody spots. In his work at Saturday Night Live, Willis collaborated with comedy giants Phil Hartman, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudolph, Jon Lovitz, and Rachel Dratch.

Prior to joining Lost Planet, Chuck Willis was a founder and editor at several editorial houses: Crew Cuts, The Cutting Room NYC, and Gattie & Lopez. Highlights from Willis’s lauded career include teaming up to edit work for some of the zeitgeist’s most treasured directors like Spike Lee, Michael Bay, Melina Matsoukas, Todd Field, Craig Gillespie, Dave Meyers, Bjorn Ruhmann, and The Russo Brothers, to name a few.

“Lost Planet has always had a reputation as a very creative shop, and that’s mostly due to Hank Corwin,” says Willis on his new editorial home. “We both came up in the industry around the same time. I remember he cut an AT&T spot that really turned my head around. I’ll never forget showing it to everyone at my company, saying, ‘This is editing!’ So, naturally, I’m very excited to be on board with Lost Planet.”

Lost Planet’s Executive Producer Casey Cayko adds, “I’ve been a fan of Chuck’s work for a while now; he makes intuitive choices that lead to out-of-the-box cuts and, ultimately, very unforgettable films. He’s naturally funny, extremely talented, and, best of all, he’s a wonderful person. I look forward to seeing what’s next for him as he continues to produce incredible work.”