Golden LA welcomes esteemed director Ric Cantor to its roster of directorial talent. The comedic auteur is known for directing performances grounded in relatability that capture universal, true-to-life, awkward circumstances.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Cantor is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker recognised for his unique brand of character-driven humour that brings familiar, uncomfortable scenarios to life. Always playing the truth, Cantor’s films never lean too hard into the joke, believing that the honesty of the moment is enough. His commercial filmmaking career includes collaborations with top-consumer brands like Mars, Domino’s, McDonald’s, MasterCard, Virgin, IKEA, Pepsi, Vicks, Specsavers, and Dos Equis. His spot for NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) won Gold at the Cannes Lions. Additionally, Cantor has won several D&AD awards in the past and fourteen Promax Awards during his tenure at the BBC.

Cantor got his start in the industry directing on-air promos for the BBC before eventually turning his eye toward commercial filmmaking and several cult-comedy hits. He wrote and directed the feature film Suzie Gold and two seasons of the BBC sketch show Man Stroke Woman starring Nick Frost. Cantor’s comedic sensibilities also shone through while writing on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show. Throughout, Cantor’s trademark humour has become a cultural touchstone for UK-based and global audiences alike. 

Outside of directing, Cantor is a board member of the nonprofit ManifestWorks, an organisation dedicated to breaking cycles of intergenerational poverty by providing training and a network of connections for disadvantaged individuals pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. 

Reflecting on his new role at Golden LA, Cantor says: “Golden is really on the cutting edge of where the industry is heading, and I’m honoured to be on board with them as a director. I’m always looking to evolve and grow as a filmmaker, and I believe they are heading to exciting places in commercial filmmaking. I’m thrilled with this new partnership and can’t wait to start.”

“There’s a nuanced irreverence to Ric’s comedy that I love,” adds Matthew Marquis, Managing Director of Golden LA. “Real life is funny - you don’t need to add too many bells and whistles, and Ric gets that. His characters are real and compelling, the dialogue is sharp, and visually the films are stunning. I’ve been a personal fan of his for a while, and we’re stoked to have him on our Golden roster.”