Lockt Editorial, a leading editorial, sound and VFX house announce its relationship with Simpatico West for representation. 

This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for Lockt as it expands its services in VFX and Sound Design and Simpatico expands their footprint to the West Coast.

Lockt Editorial has quickly garnered a reputation for not only elevated visuals and cutting-edge services across commercials, feature films, and branded entertainment, but with all of the services housed under one roof, brands and agencies have enjoyed the ease and efficiencies that come along with that structure.

Connor Scofield, President of Lockt Editorial explains, “Our success is built on the foundation of finding efficiencies as a team and elevating creative results within our holistic workflow”.

“With a roster of skilled editors, visual effects artists, and sound designers, Lockt’s approach of offering end-to-end editorial services creates a unique offering at a time when people are looking for efficient, but premium solutions. We’re thrilled to be working with them,” says Jolie Miller, Founder of Simpatico. 

West Coast lead Faith Loop adds, “The Lockt approach and services are in line with what we’re seeing agencies need across the Editorial process.”

Simpatico’s understanding of Lockt’s unique approach of offering end-to-end editorial services will expand Lockt’s reach in the market and provide opportunities for creative collaboration on a larger scale.