Following the success of their co-production Limonov at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and on the brink of another secret project with Ridley Scott’s team, Forma Pro and LEDUnit are expanding into the commercials and branded content space with LEDUNIT FORMA PRO

They have appointed veteran industry executive producer Carl Wyant to lead this new division.

Forma Pro has recently expanded its production base to Malta, enhancing its offering of diverse filming locations. Combined with the growing recognition of their virtual production team at LEDUnit studios in Riga, the newly merged LEDUNIT FORMA PRO aims to attract brands, agencies, and production companies from Europe, the UK, the US, and beyond.

Leveraging their experienced production team, diverse locations, pan-European casting, top crews, and state-of-the-art equipment, LEDUNIT FORMA PRO is set to offer comprehensive production support. This includes one of the largest LED studios in Europe with a top Unreal team, reflecting their optimism about the future of high-level production in the Baltics, the Mediterranean, and Europe.

The idea for this new division originated from a project brought by Wyant for Grey New York, involving complex virtual production needs that LEDUnit and Forma Pro were uniquely equipped to handle. This successful collaboration led to the formal partnership with Wyant.

Wyant, with previous experience in virtual production and a newfound admiration for Riga, believes the merger of the two companies’ skill sets will be a significant success in the international commercials industry. LEDUNIT FORMA PRO aims to be a one-stop shop, offering real-time animation in their virtual studio and diverse location options across Europe, all at competitive production costs.