Director Laura Hancock honed her directing skills in the Danish TV industry, working as second unit and assistant director on hit dramas including Ride Upon the Storm and The Rain

She has since focused on writing and directing comedy, with several long form projects in development for film and TV. Having recently expanded into commercials, she describes her signature style as “character-driven, energetic and with a streak of dry Danish humour”. 

“Laura is an extremely smart, creative, fun and really nice person” says Hobby Film founder Oskar Bård. “She has a great future ahead of her, and we’re really stoked to have a young, super talented woman like her joining our roster at Hobby.”

Hancock’s passion for comedy makes for a perfect fit with Hobby, which shares her love for humour. “I’m a big fan of the playful mood and big energy that Hobby represents,” she says. “I really liked their commercial for the Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest, it’s so stupid and I love it! Also, there are a lot of Swedes at Hobby and I have a thing for the Swedes. The Danes and the Swedes share a common sense of dry Nordic humour, where we enjoy laughing at each other and ourselves. I have been stalking Hobby for the last couple of years, so I tried to act cool when they asked me to join them.” 

Hancock began her career as an actor and starred in the Danish children’s TV show Oda Upside Down. “Her background in acting allows her to really connect with performers,” says Bård. “She knows exactly how to put them at ease, especially when working with kids and untrained talent. It’s just another of the many skills that Laura brings to the table.” 

As a Danish-American, Hancock will also be directing for Hobby in the US. “I am very excited about that, because my country heart belongs overseas,” she says. “I love the vision and ambition that Hobby has for the future and I’m thrilled to be part of that ride.”