Greenpoint Pictures' director Julia Pitch is clearly a creative who favours the tactile; the items contained within her Favourite Things being physical representations of memories and moods.

Working as a DP for a few years before stepping into directing, Pitch established her name working with brands like the NFL, Samsung, Vans, and Nike, her fine art background informing her filmography.

Here she takes us on a tour of the tangible trinkets that keep her artistry alive.

The Lounging Lady

I travel a lot, so the only permanent fixtures that have survived my constant moving are small items that hold memories, usually doubling as functional. 

This “lounging lady” is an incense holder belonging to my godmother, Margo. 

She was many things- a cigarette-smoking, jazz-listening, comedy-watching, New Yorker enthusiast. 

She was a retired elementary school teacher and, before that, a theatre kid who did a stint in San Francisco in between protesting in the 70s. 

She loved the ways of Zazen, and her house was covered with scribbles of inspirational quotes she liked. 

She is no longer with us, but I love this incense holder! 

It reminds me of when I was a kid and would go over to Margo’s house, listen to her (liberal) political soapbox, and get a glimpse of life beyond Dallas, Texas. 

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The Notebook

My desk wouldn’t be complete without a notebook that travels with me everywhere. 

I am a tactile learner; sometimes, I just need to write things down, even if I never look back at the pages. 

When I need a break, I draw. It gets my juices flowing, and honestly, I don’t think about much else other than the accuracy or style of my composition. 

It’s nice to detach and do something instantly gratifying that is just for me to enjoy. 

It also gives my eyes a rest, and I can focus longer because no notifications are popping up. 

The 'Gordito'

I call this lil' guy Gordito. 

I found him on a location scout the first time I visited Bogota,  Colombia. 

The whole crew and I were having a great time; it was a sunny day, and everyone was making the best of it. 

I stopped in my tracks because Gorditio was in the window of a small, old convenience store. 

The style was kind of a knockoff of the art by Colombian artist Fernando Botero, and I thought he was so funny-looking. 

He definitely stood out in the store, sandwiched between cans of food and chips.  

I purchased him for eight dollars. 

The Mug

Well, a routine coffee drinker would always have a mug of coffee in rotation. 

I take my mug collection pretty seriously - each one has a story. 

This one is in my top three favourites, and I’ve actually had it for 11-12 years. 

It’s lived in probably ten different homes with me. 

I got it in Rhode Island while shopping with my mom. I was kind of going through a hard time that day. My mom bought two of these mugs - one for her and one for me. 

It’s funny she got it because she is obsessed with mermaids, and I think she thought it was a mermaid. 

It’s not. 

It’s just a naked lady with large boobs. 

Anyway, we both still have our mug! 

The Letters

Since I travel a lot and moved away from New York, my friends are kind of spread out. 

On my bookshelf, which is within eyesight of my desk, are these letters written to me from my friends. 

My friend Courtney organized everyone to write letters for my birthday. Then, she unified them into envelopes and wrapped them up. 

I think it may have been the best gift I ever received. 

I read them from time to time, mostly when I’m feeling down or homesick.

I think keeping them out in the open (rather than in a box) helps me feel like my friends are close and also helps me keep my priorities in check. 

Sure, I have nice things on my nice bookshelf, but these letters are priceless! 

And really, the most important things to me are not things at all, but rather relationships and memories.