The evolution of HunkyDory’s directing roster continues apace with the signing of comedy director John Grammatico.

An ardent student of story, Grammatico has a writing background that includes a (sold) feature film screenplay to
Dreamworks, several short films, countless ad campaigns and even a series of cheeky children’s books (under the pseudonym Professor Punctilious).

Since 2010 when he left the agency world for production, Grammatico has directed over 300 spots for brands like M&Ms, Visa, AT&T, Cadillac and McDonalds. He’s worked with dozens of celebs including Chris Elliot, Anna Faris and Duchess Meghan Markle.

Grammatico has helmed productions in nearly every major city across the US & Canada. He’s also filmed abroad in Mexico, Central & South America, Bahamas, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Czech Republic, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Serbia, the Cayman Islands and France.

On the new addition, HunkyDory Managing Partner John Doris had this to say: "We're so excited to have John on board, he has a brilliant range of comedy from laugh out loud physical humour to nuanced subtle character humour, he gets comedy timing and performance and we can't wait to launch his humour to the UK market"

When asked for a quote, Grammatico said: “Koala fingerprints are so close to humans they can actually taint a crime scene.”

HunkyDory wait with baited breath to see how this fact informs Grammatico's work!