Eliot Brown, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, and co-author Maureen Farrell, recently released a book about the story of wework.

The Cult of We; wework and the great start-up delusion recounts how a property business was able to dupe investors into believing it was a tech company, therefore extracting billions of dollars of investment, and tells the story of wework's founder, Adam Neumann, a magnetic, megalomaniacal, master-trickster who was at the head of what became one of the most disastrous IPO offerings in business history. 

How Not To... IPO

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Brown and Kean discuss how wework became a "growing inferno of a dumpster fire", how usually smart people were unable to see what was staring them in the face, the fetishisation of company founders, and why this situation will most certainly happen again.

If you would like to buy a coy of Brown and Farrell's book, The Cult of We; wework and the great start-up delusion, you can do so by visiting here, or maybe even here.