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From Greta Thunberg to Emma González, over the past few years, kids have been at the forefront of igniting change in matters of global importance.

Recognising and celebrating this (as well as not-so-subtly asking where the adults have been) is this poignant and heartening campaign from H&M and agency Alto recognising the next generation of Role Models.

Led by a film from Hungry Man's Bryan Buckley, the campaign's aim is to the world talk and rethink the role models we have been looking up to; highlighting initiatives big and small that improve our world and illustrating how young people view adults today.

The campaign also puts out the call for others to join the movement, encouraging people to share their own role model story as inspiration to others and bring forward kids with the potential and purpose to make us grownups feel small. 

Consumers can join the movement by visiting the H&M site and nominating a remarkable role model, with the brand spotlighting their efforts and creating awareness for how the broader community can join in their work, later this year.

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Above: Some in-store illustrations for the campaign.

Speaking of the project, Buckley comments: "Everyone talks about 'hope'. But to see these kids truly bring "hope" day after day on this shoot really left a mark on me. 

"It made me suddenly realize 'Yeah, maybe the world is going to be alright after all.'"

"As a company that stands for progress, we feel a certain responsibility to use our size to create change today and for the future," says Pascal Brun, Global Sustainability Manager H&M. "We're ambitious in our goals to make our business more equitable and sustainable so the world is better for future generations. 

"Part of that is making the decision to amplify the voices of role models who are making a difference today: kids."