Announcing their rapid entry onto the scene, Executive Producers Corwin Carroll and Eric McCasline unveil Good Times, a new and exciting production company. 

In just seven weeks from inception, they've pivoted from a soft launch to completing two projects and now stand with coast to coast representation and a dynamic roster of directors; Bonnie Dennison and Alison Barton, Derek Westerlund, Jason Cook, Kevin Schowengerdt, Michelle Pak, and Oliver Davies, who they view not just as collaborators, but true partners in the creative process. Their collective portfolio boasts collaborations with brands like Adidas, Lexus, Samsung, and Wendy’s.

“Production should be Good Times. We spend our days, nights and weekends at it,” states McCasline.  “I find when you combine radical effort, smart people and a bit of ingenuity, it shines through in the end result. Corwin and I both have a ton of experience, but we won’t let that experience limit us to what has already been seen. When you are doing something new, doing that extra thing, turning over the new stone, you find the good things. When you are proud of your work and you are doing it with the right people, that is Good Times.” 

Based out of Los Angeles, Kansas City and New York, Good Times has a global vision. Each with over 15 years of diverse experience, the founders have cultivated an ethos that empowers directors, making them integral right from the bid process. This unique approach ensures optimal creativity and efficiency.

Carroll shares: "At Good Times, our passion for the craft is shared with our directors, we genuinely relish the puzzle that gets us to set and ultimately gets on screen. In the industry, 'nimbleness' is often celebrated as the “new” solution, but for us, it's about weaving our core values into every move and aligning the best people to achieve the artistic vision, no matter the scale of the project."

As for the founders, Carroll and McCasline have seasoned careers underpinning Good Times. Carroll’s journey started with Ogilvy NY and transitioned through Big Block and ArtClass, while McCasline's roots are with Wieden+Kennedy and he further honed his craft with MJZ, Smuggler, and Tool among others.

Highlighting their passion for the craft, McCasline notes: “Our experience has given us an appreciation for the entire creative process. While our focus is on live action production, having been in leadership roles at companies like MPC, the mill and Big Block equip us to manage post-production when our directors take on the mantle of creative direction. Having been part of many creative journeys, we've come to truly value each step. There’s a special magic in live action, more so when it melds with design, color, edit, mix – when our directors feel the pull towards creative direction, we have the know-how to see post-production through. At the heart of it all, we believe in bringing together the right minds for each job, making sure every story is told just right."

Good Times is represented in the US by Brooke Covington on the West Coast, Doug Stephen covering the Midwest and East Coast representation by Rotholz Reps. Good Times promises a unique blend of fun, professionalism, and innovation in the advertising world.