In my world, the kitchen can be a laboratory: fire, smoke, ingredients, instruments, and food. 

I vividly recall watching the 1968 fantasy musical film, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In it, inventor Caractacus Potts's wonderful machine for cooking breakfast got stuck in my memory.

I would spend countless hours looking at the film's book and it's photos of the famous breakfast machine's mechanisms: pulleys, pinions, gears, levers, and chains that prepared the family's breakfast. 

I daydreamed of one day building such a machine. 

At the age of 11, I built my own wooden box camera, and later, even a 35mm roll film wooden camera. 

Finally, I've channelled all my previous experience, closing the circle by working in high-speed tabletop cinematography; combining cinematography, food and beverages, robotics, and mechatronics to produce highly stylized and what I call 'impossible shots' of mouth-watering food and beverages.

I've always surrounded myself with industrial objects, little machines, and instruments. 

When I'm at my desk, if I hit the dreaded artist's block, I pick up one of my favourite things and reconnect with the little inventor, letting the creative juices flow again.

The Self-Made Cameras

Crafted at ages 11 and 13, these serve as my 'HighSpeed Modem' to connect with my inner creative self. 

As I pick them up, cradle them in my hands, and frame objects in my office, my mind flashes back to the experience of building these instruments.

Remembering how I conquered the obstacles and challenges of venturing into this build back in the '70s boosts my confidence and enables me to start writing again on that scary blank paper.

The Compasses

When preparing a pitch, if my mind starts wandering aimlessly with too many images and thoughts, I play with one of the military and navigating compasses that I keep right next to my office desk. 

I begin plotting imaginary courses, angles, and azimuths; suddenly my concentration starts to come back under control.

The Award

Throughout my career, I have received several awards, but 'Il Cavallo di Leonardo' [Leonardo Da Vinci's Horse] holds a special place in my heart. 

My short film, El Invento [The Invetion], won the Best Short Film Award at the Milano International Film Festival. 

This award, celebrating the greatest inventor, engineer, scientist, and architect of the Renaissance, is for me a significant and dear achievement in my artistic journey.

The Inverted Reality

As a cinematographer, I engage with high-tech cameras, motion control rigs, and technological tools in my professional work. 

However, during my free time, I opt for a completely analogue film photography experience. 

I capture black and white images with my 10”x8” Classic Field View Camera, deliberately embracing 1900s techniques alongside my pro-work with the latest technologies.

It creates a unique balance in my creative pursuits.

The Off-road Meditation

A resilient relic from wartime, this Willys Jeep ismy escape from city chaos. 

Crafted like a tank, the 1940s engineering conquers today's challenges. 

Behind the wheel, I'm not just driving; I'm exploring rough terrains, liberating my mind from urban oppression. 

This vintage marvel, more than a vehicle, is a time machine inviting me to rediscover simplicity and freedom. 

Each ride is a cherished journey, making the Willys Jeep my dear companion in a timeless adventure.

The Wind Therapy

Meetings, stress, production deadlines, long hours, phone calls, and endless emails all disappear as the wind fills the sails. 

My sailboat leaves the dock at lake Tominé (elev: 2,640mts) silently and gracefully, 0% emissions, offering nothing better to refill my creative fuel tank.