FutureFrank is expanding its talent roster with 11 unique digital artists who are shaping the future of media. FutureFrank has selected artists who are pushing boundaries in various niches, from extended reality to 3D art and motion graphics.

FutureFrank are embracing digital art and aiming to transform it from a novelty into an essential element in storytelling and commercial campaigns. This integration enhances content, making it more engaging and immersive for brands and agencies.

Preparing FutureFrank and their partners for what’s next is in FutureFrank’s DNA. To stay ahead of the curve in the fast-evolving digital landscape, they are expanding beyond the traditional scope of a production company, ready to leverage the latest in creative technology

On a mission to redefine collaboration, FutureFrank is pairing their directors with their digital artists. By combining the narrative expertise of the former with the advanced technical skills of the latter, they aim to innovate how stories are told visually. FutureFrank believe that cross-pollination holds the future of media production.

FutureFrank is building a community of digital artists committed to exploring and expanding the frontiers of creative production. The digital artist’s work is usually a ‘go it alone’ type of endeavour, so they are excited to foster a community where they can exchange ideas, technical know-how, and experiences. This collaborative environment will support the artists in navigating the fast-evolving digital media scene and spark partnerships that produce remarkable creations.

To contribute to the creative community FutureFrank is launching a series of regular online events where digital artists from their roster, along with FF producers and guests, share insights about their creative processes and discuss their experiences and future aspirations within the industry. These talks are designed to inspire and inform, keeping our community connected to the latest industry trends and innovations

By seeking out and applying the newest advancements in digital art, FutureFrank are not just responding to changes in the creative industry, we are creating them, making sure our collaborations bring exceptional art into the global spotlight.

FutureFrank is an Amsterdam-based creative production partner built for what’s next. Up to 2023 known as Mr.Frank.

FutureFrank represent a roster of directors, photographers, and digital artists who collaborate with agencies and brands to meet the demands of an ever- changing world. Bringing a completely fresh approach to content creation that truly redefines what collaboration is and what it can be.