SK-II – The Center Lane with Rikako Ikee

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This touching documentary follows swimmer Rikako Ikee as she gets back in a pool following her recovery from leukemia.

Blending footage of Ikee’s previous swims, her training and hospital stays during chemotherapy, and her current state, The Centre Lane gives us a full view of Ikee’s journey. Watching a young woman in the prime of her sports career suddenly have to start back over after a life-threatening disease is heartbreaking and inspiring. Ikee’s positive attitude and charisma emerge in every frame, from training montages to her hospital bed. 

Directed by iconic Japanese director, Hirokazu Kore-eda, The Centre Lane will be the first of a series of films released under the new content platform SK-II Studios. The film was co-created by the specially-formed creative unit within WPP built to develop new narratives for SK-II on the pressures people experience with beauty.