DIRECTV partners with legendary pitcher, Randy Johnson, in an all-new extension of their For The Birds”campaign, Bird BallparksThese stadium sanctuaries, built atop DIRECTV satellite dishes, finally give birds a safe place to watch baseball.

An extension of the brand’s current TV campaign, For the Birds, which features two pigeons who are disgruntled that people can get DIRECTV without a dish, Bird Ballparks assures all fans (human and feathered alike) that DIRECTV is their home for baseball.

Launched on April 16th, the partnership harks back to a moment in baseball history when Randy Johnson, 10x All-Star, World Series Champion and Hall of Fame Pitcher, famously threw a pitch that against all odds, accidentally collided with a bird.

This campaign is running during a series between the Diamondbacks and Giants, which were the two teams that were playing when Randy threw that famous pitch.

DirecTV – Bird Ballparks

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Because fans can now stream DIRECTV satellite-free, the duo built Bird Ballparks atop real DIRECTV satellite dishes. 

The campaign extension, created in collaboration with creative agency TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, includes a hero spot, :30s and :15s for digital and social. There’s also a custom website, where you can win a Millet Mullet: it’s a mullet (to honour Randy’s iconic haircut from his playing days) made out of one of birds’ favourite snacks, millet. And of course, physical Bird Ballparks that will live in fans’ backyards, much like a bird bath would, but here, birds can safely watch baseball

Fans can go to for the chance to win a Bird Ballpark or Millet Mullet. Each Bird Ballpark features a tiny statue of Randy with a plaque that says “The Tiny Unit,” as a play on his nickname, “The Big Unit.” 

Each Avian Arena also features fowl poles for birds to perch on, a scoreboard which shows Birds defeating People, and a Mini-tron with a phone holder where fans can attach their phone so they can stream baseball on DIRECTV for birds to enjoy. 

The brand is partnering with Randy Johnson, once again, just a few years after they worked together on their GOATBUSTERS campaign

DIRECTV is no stranger to unique campaign extensions. In 2023, the brand saw success with its Sack The Sunday Scaries campaign which featured football players, Travis Kelce and Chris Jones, reading bedtime stories to help fans defeat the post-game anxiety that sets in as soon as the games end, on Sundays. 

Now, the brand is looking to build on that success and reinforce its sports superiority. This time, by partnering with a legendary baseball player to finally make things right and turning an infamous baseball moment into fun collectors items that fans can win. 

"The clip of Randy Johnson throwing the pitch that accidentally collided with the bird is perhaps the most viral moment in baseball history. Fans constantly reference it and joke about it online. It was even the inspiration for one of 2023’s most viral Halloween costumes, when a woman dressed as the feathery, fallen bird and her boyfriend dressed as Randy in a full baseball uniform." said Ryan Buckley, Creative Director @ TBWA\Chiat\Day LA

"Since Randy’s now a professional photographer with an exhibit currently running in Arizona, he was also our on-set photographer. Seeing the Ballpark through Randy's eyes brought tears to ours. His photography is now featured on the website for all to cry to" adds Laura Dickie, Senior Art Director @ TBWA\Chiat\Day LA