Two key creative appointments have been announced by Deutsch New York.

 Miriam Franklin, whose first day as EVP, Head of Integrated Production will be 7th February, and Melatan Riden, who started on 1st January as EVP, Head of Art and Design.

Franklin and Riden have both spent the past few years working full-time as part of the freelance gig economy, with Franklin consulting under the moniker of Miriam Produces and Riden under Not an Office.

“In today’s battle for smart, innovative, can-do business minds we are incredibly excited to have Miriam and Melatan joining our team,” said Val DiFebo, CEO of Deutsch NY. 

“We believe production and design are engines for creative expression. Miriam is a powerhouse who has produced all over the world, and Melatan is a creative leader and designer with passion. They bring a wide ranging creative perspective and will help our people and clients to push the boundaries at their inflection points.