Production house CZAR Amsterdam is ditching the standard production rulebook and redefining the landscape of creative film production with the introduction of their new label and talent development program: Czar Disko.

Through a hands-on approach that champions creative freedom, mentorship, and faster starts, Czar Disko aims to offer creative solutions for a wide range of projects, while establishing a space where new and emerging talents can thrive. 

Born out of a desire to provide a space for young creators, Czar Disko taps into a large pool of emerging talent: rising directors and producers who are eager to make their mark in the industry but who aren’t given many chances to do so. By favouring creative solutions and a multifunctional production mode, Czar Disko promises to create content tailored to any budget while maintaining the high standards synonymous with the Czar name. 

Spearheaded by a dynamic team of five talented young women, each bringing their own unique vision and passion for film production to the initiative, Czar Disko is set to shake things up by bringing creativity to the forefront. 

As put by Marjolijn Bertens, Czar Disko’s Junior Producer: “We believe that for every problem that can arise during production, there is always a creative solution. Stepping away from the standard rules allows us the freedom to think outside-the-box and come up with ideas we wouldn't have considered otherwise. It's a challenge but that’s half the fun when it comes to making something original." 

To ensure standards are kept high, Czar Disko’s young talents work alongside experienced mentors. Clients and brand partners can expect to benefit from fresh, creative perspectives and cost-effective solutions. With Czar Disko, Czar is not just launching a new label; it's creating a space where creativity and emerging talent can shine. This unconventional approach to production sets the stage for the next generation of industry leaders