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Channel 4 occupies an interesting position in the UK's ever-expanding TV service offering.

On one hand, you have the BBC - a licence-funded behemoth consisting of broadcast and online services with a clear public-service requirement - and on the other, you have ITV and the myriad of commercial broadcasting network's available alongside it.

Sitting somewhere in the middle is Channel 4; ostensively commercially self-funded, but ultimately publicly owned, and with a remit to match the responsibility.

This is a long way of saying that, in essence, Channel 4 has a public service requirement to fulfil, and, with spots like Altogether Different, it demonstrates exactly why that is vital.

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Above: In addition to the spot, Channel 4 is trapping some of its famous faces together in posters and digital displays up and down the UK, demonstrating that much like the UK population, they're all in it together.

Incorporating a cast of well-known faces from some of Channel 4’s much-loved shows including comedians Rosie Jones, Taskmaster Greg Davies, The Last Leg’s Adam Hills and Bake Off’s Prue Leith, the 4 Creative-devised and produced spot, directed by Alex Boutell, showcases how the broadcaster champions difference and reflects the rich diversity of the whole of the UK, through witty asides and charming imagery.

Zaid Al-Qassab, Chief Marketing Officer, Channel 4 said: “Altogether Different reflects why Channel 4 was created – to authentically represent unheard voices and the cultural diversity of the UK. This film is an entertaining celebration of our collective differences as something that unites us all, and reminds viewers that Channel 4 is the number one destination for the diverse, distinctive British content that they love.”

"These days," adds Lynsey Atkin, Executive Creative Director, 4Creative, "we’re often made to think that different is what divides us. At Channel 4 we think different is brilliant, that in fact it’s our shared uniqueness that brings us together. So quite simply, we wanted to tell a story of this odd little land – a place that’s never been normal – and celebrate our peculiarities on telly and beyond. 

"Because no one does weird like we do, UK.”