INDIA: Pravin Sutar, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney, Mumbai

Samsonite, Kerala is Open 

Kerala’s tourism has taken a massive hit after a series of horrific floods that left many dead and [damaged the economy]. The film highlights the importance of tourism in generating employment and subtly appeals to tourists to come back to the country.

Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant, #VoiceForever

This film is inspired by the life of Ms Sonal, a patient suffering from Motor Neuron Disease. MND patients eventually lose their ability to move and speak. Samsung and the Asha Ek Hope foundation, India’s first registered non-profit NGO supporting people with MND, are developing the first personalised AI voice assistant for Ms. Sonal, so that her voice can be preserved for her daughter.

Uri, The Covert Strike

There have been numerous unsuccessful campaigns for anti-piracy. From megastars to makers, everyone has pleaded with viewers not to download movies illegally, but to no avail. But a marketing campaign [by the makers of the blockbuster URI: The Surgical Strike] changed the game. With its real cast and actors, they released the fake movie with a hard- hitting message about piracy, asking people to watch the movie in theatres. The campaign was such a hit, it made India’s PM talk about the piracy issue.

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Above, left to right: Kerala is Open, #voiceforever

THAILAND: Papop Chaowanapreecha, Deputy ECD, Rabbit Digital Group, Thailand

Netflix, Narcos: Mexico, The Censor’s Cut

JWT Bangkok got round Thailand’s tough censorship laws on sex and violence by ‘cutting out’ the offending images from the Narcos Mexico trailer, but leaving an outline so you could easily identify what had been removed. A simple yet clever execution that travelled across all media platforms.

Central Department Store, Shop Hard Work Harder

Besides the humour, which connects the audience to the story, this film for the biggest sale of the year created strong links between the outdoor and print ads, from both a visual and storytelling point of view.

Central Department Store – Work Hard, Shop Harder

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C.P. Group, Gratitude

Ogilvy Thailand has created a classic piece of Thai ‘sad-vertising’, with this six-minute film about a young teacher in a remote village who brings his elderly mother to school.

Netflix, Couples Phone

For Netflix’s psychological drama You, Sour Bangkok created a creepy fictional smartphone that lets a stalker keep tabs on their partner. An innovative campaign that gives you goosebumps.

TMRW, Generation Swap

We launched a new digital bank targeted at Asian Gen Ys with three films showing how each generation has their own way of doing things by switching the role of Gen Ys with the older generation in an entertaining way.

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Above, left to right: Narcos Mexico - The Censor's Cut, Shop Hard Work Harder, Couple's Phone, Generation Swap

THAILAND: Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke, Group Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Group Thailand

Netflix, Narcos Mexico The Censor’s Cut

This work out of J Walter Thompson Bangkok totally defies all the rules, leading to a genuinely breakthrough idea that captures the product’s unique selling point so well.

Pretz, The Unnamed Box 

I truly admire the agency CJ Worx and the brand for taking the courage to produce such a creative campaign, that also solves real marketing problems.

Thai Life Insurance, Mother Knows Best

Portrayed through a heartwarming story of family relationships, our campaign effectively transforms how Thai people perceive technology. While most Thais think that technology is the answer to everything, Thai Life believes that love and dedication is more important. 

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Above, left to right: The Unnamed Box, Mother Knows Best