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When brands try to 'do a John Lewis' for their festive spots - tell a succinct, emotive tale with plinky-plonky cover versions and pitch-perfect art direction and construction - they largely look like unfortunate wannabes.

However, as is the case with this hilarious spot from CZAR Amsterdam director Willem Gerritsen for Dutch online store, a formula that's well-loved and recognised is ripe for a delicious bit of parody.

Essentially promoting's Wish-List-Poster, which helps children tell Sinterklaas what they most want as a gift, the film follows a young boy whose wish for a doll is not met by the presentation of a football, until he takes a tip from Castaway and makes the ball his new best bud.

Charming and engaging, and with a payoff that we were desperately hoping for but not expecting, this sweet, gender-shunning concept from Dept Agency is an early subversive Christmas present.