The pandemic ushered in many changes to the way we live our lives, including the way we seek medical care. To this day, many Americans continue to delay doctor visits, according to the National Institute of Health, exacerbating existing conditions and increasing the risk associated with preventable ones, all while putting extra strain on the broader health care system.

As we continue to navigate the “new normal,” Blue Shield of California is dedicated to tackling these issues, helping Californians understand the importance of consistent care, sharing the reality of what a simple check-in at the doctor can do to save a life.

In collaboration with long-time agency partner Butler Shine Stern & Partners (BSSP), BSC is launching campaigns It’s Time to Check In and Well Ahead to encourage all to take the next step in getting the care they need following the pandemic and highlight BSC’s commitment to their members and progress.

With a two pronged approach, Blue Shield is launching a series of new spots, focusing on both what BSC does at a higher level in terms of seeing patients succeed throughout their lives and getting them to think about their health care in the short term. These new spots address the broader trend of consumers not understanding the larger impact delaying care can have on their health.

The first spot, Check in on You: Voicemail, a pair of friends come together as one is suffering from behavioural health issues, while the second, Check in on you: The Walk shares the story of a mother and daughter who discuss the mother’s avoidance of a particular health concern. 

In the third spot, Well Ahead, demonstrates what’s possible when we commit to making progress in health care, metaphorically following the journey of a woman realising her lifelong dream of becoming a marine biologist.

Directed by the cinematographer of Beyonce’s Formation and Lemonade music videos, Malik Hassan Sayeed of Little Minx, the new Well Ahead spot will air on major broadcast and cable TV stations, while the It’s Time to Check In spots will air in digital channels. In addition, the campaign will also run on CTV, OOH, radio and social media.

Blue Shield of California – Well Ahead

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Julie Waicberg, Senior Copywriter at BSSP: Each approach has its own purpose. Well Ahead emphasises the brand’s persistent progress. The story of our marine biologist is a metaphor for Blue Shield of California’s commitment to moving healthcare forward. It’s Time to Check In gets more personal. These spots are about the individual and the role health plays in all of our lives. We wanted to demonstrate the importance of checking in on ourselves and each other because that’s often the first step to getting the help you need. 

Suzanne Buffington, Interim Vice President Marketing at Blue Shield of California: These two campaigns work together in a special way. It’s Time to Check In demonstrates our commitment to the future health of our consumers, while Well Ahead emphasises our focus as a company to the future of health care. Both goals are important. Both are essential to Blue Shield of California’s vision and purpose.