For Augustus Punch, A.K.A. Diesel and Alexandra, joining The Directors Bureau is to find a home with compatriots in exploring the many expressions of filmed storytelling. 

Augustus Punch is known for bringing stories to life with romantic modernism and a creative mindset, seen in their work for Tumi, Honda, Target, Sony and Macy’s. 

As the name implies, Augustus Punch unites joyful wonder, exalted style, and extraordinary approaches in each collaboration. Previously represented by Superprime and Partizan, Alexandra Hamilton Bolton and Diesel Schwarze, the partnership that is Augustus Punch are multidisciplinary creatives with roots in design, art direction, editorial, and writing that layers into their directing process. Large-scale sets and elaborate choreography, along with naturalistic and authentic filmed moments, harmonise with compelling characters to draw audiences into worlds both real and imagined.

“From my first experience seeing their work, I’ve always had a deep appreciation of their technical craftsmanship and the wonderful emotional touch-points they create with the characters in their projects,” comments The Directors Bureau’s Luke Ricci

I’m thrilled to say that Augustus Punch is joining The Directors Bureau.

The Australian natives, who met while working for Baz Luhrmann, described joining The Directors Bureau as to be among filmmakers they both admired and felt a kinship: “The Bureau has always held a certain poetic magnetism for us as filmmakers and we feel very much aligned on our creative instincts. We enjoy celebrating brands and conjuring worlds with a little invitation to step inside; visually rich with a subtle wink. We look forward to making beautiful things together.”