Amsterdam based Ambassadors has partnered with Amp.Amsterdam to take care of all the creative production studio’s sound, music, and sonic branding needs. 

Ambassadors and Amp.Amsterdam teams will share studio spaces as a one-stop house of craft across three locations at Ambassadors HQ in East, Ambassadors Herengracht 425, with a new sound studio opening on Herengracht 433 featuring a state-of-the-art new sound suite. 

“Ambassadors has always offered all creative production expertise to our clients, including music and sound. Recently we started looking for an audio partner to allow us to offer a consistent one point of contact and explore the creative possibilities of sound for brands even further. A studio that’s future-thinking, passionate about the power of music, Amsterdam-based but with an international outlook and presence in the USA. Amp.Amsterdam ticked all the boxes and we needed only one cup of coffee to go for it,” says Ambassadors founding partner Halbo van der Klaauw. 

AMP x Ambassadors

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“Through this strategic partnership, we are ready to face the future needs in our market. Content production needs an integrated approach with a combination of a dedicated and passionate team, technology, and a high level of creativity,” says Joost Haartsen, founder and managing director of Amp.Amsterdam. “With this partnership we’re mixing flavours, combining strengths. Like the best sushi you’ve ever tasted.”

“Lockdown opened our eyes a bit to this new, hybrid way of working and we’re excited about the creative possibilities of this fresh new chapter,” adds van der Klaauw.  

Ambassadors and Amp.Amsterdam were both founded in Amsterdam in 2007 and 2013 respectively and have since become well-known for crafting high-end, award-winning productions both locally and internationally. Amp.Amsterdam’s exclusive partnership with Universal Music offers a direct line for brands and agencies to the best new and popular music from all over the world.

Amp.Amsterdam is already operating from Ambassadors, with Herengracht 433 expected to open its doors in November.