Award-winning global entertainment company Alkemy X has signed Philadelphia-based director André Robert Lee for US commercial representation. 

Lee is an award-winning director, producer, podcaster, and writer who has committed his entire career to initiating change, equity, and inclusion through filmmaking. Lee is a celebrated filmmaker with an extensive and diverse body of work and brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to Alkemy X.

Nick Pitcavage, Executive Producer at Alkemy X stated, “André brings immeasurably more than just his directing talents to our roster. His steadfast dedication to equity as a filmmaker, advocate, and public speaker changes the fabric of our company. I’ve dedicated countless hours to diversifying the staff of my sets in hopes of affecting decision-making above the line; with the ultimate goal of reaching into the core messaging of the concepts that we are tasked to bring to life. Once you take a deep dive into André’s body of work, it’s obvious that we’ve created a pivotal partnership that allows us to do just that and consequently create real and lasting change within the advertising space.”

André Robert Lee's addition to Alkemy X's director roster marks the company's continued commitment to fostering creativity, diversity, and socially conscious storytelling. Alkemy X eagerly anticipates the collaborative ventures and inspiring projects that will emerge with André's distinctive voice in the mix.

Lee shared, “Over the past few years, I’ve been inspired by Alkemy X’s approach to storytelling and production. Their accomplishments across a variety of creative platforms and their commitment to excellence align with my own dedication to the creation of relevant and meaningful projects. I look forward to our partnership and the work we will produce together.”

Most recently Lee directed This Is Life with Lisa Ling: Chicago’s History of Violence for CNN. His previous clients include The Ford Foundation, Strayer University, WNYC, NPR, Diana Ross, BET, Universal, PBS, HBO, Sundance, Blackhouse, Picturehouse, and Dreamworks, among others.

André Robert Lee's journey in filmmaking began with the direction of The Prep School Negro and producing the documentary I’m Not Racist…Am I? These early projects showcased Lee's ability to explore complex social issues with powerful storytelling. His career has been marked by a commitment to sharing important narratives, from the award-winning Virtually Free, which tells the story of incarcerated youth in Richmond, Virginia, to The Election Effects Project for Paramount TV.

More broadly, as an Executive Producer across other content mediums, André has led impactful projects such as The Road to Justice, a documentary capturing the Civil Rights Tours he led throughout the American South. His recent role as Executive Producer of Notes From America with Kai Wright further demonstrates his dedication to thought-provoking and socially relevant content.