Production Company Alfredo Films welcomes the award-winning, British-Nigerian director, Meji Alabi for Canadian representation. 

Renowned for his dynamic, vibrant, and emotionally resonant filmmaking style, Meji Alabi has garnered acclaim across the globe, and has worked with brands including Coca Cola, KFC, Guinness, Oreo, and Disney. His upcoming debut feature film, Water & Garri, starring Tiwa Savage is slated for release on Prime Video, and promises to be a groundbreaking addition to his already stellar portfolio.

Hailing from the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria, Meji Alabi's journey in the film industry began in the contemporary music video landscape, particularly within the Afrobeats genre. Collaborating with artists like Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Beyoncé, Alabi's visionary storytelling and innovative approach to visuals have set him apart as a true trailblazer in his field. 

Meji Alabi's work transcends borders, capturing the raw essence and authenticity of diverse cultures and communities. His keen eye for detail, coupled with his mastery of camera movement and production design, brings each project to life with unparalleled depth and richness. 

Alexander Henry, EP at Alfredo has to say “Meji is obsessed with creating, he can’t be boxed into any one category. Meji genuinely gives himself to any project he tackles and you can tell that there’s intention to everything he does. I love that his work inspires many and we can’t wait to be a part of the community that he’s building with his art.”