If the internet has taught us anything it's that a) people love funny photos, b) people love animal photos and c) people love a competition. Well steady your sides for a'splitting, as the MARS Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards have announced their shortlist.

Gleaning images from pet-owners around the world, the competition is a lighthearted look at some of the wackiest animal images seen this year. With the winners announced on the 24th November, have a look now and pick the pet that tickles your fancy.

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Remixing the nineties 

Dropping a little bit of joy into this bleak, bleak timeline, Steve Riddell, half of Hood Internet, recently shared his latest project on Twitter. In trying times, sometimes you just need to go back 30 or so years and not think about what's going on right now. This just-long-enough mashup combines over 60 tunes released in the year 1990, and instead of the cacophony you'd expect when mashing up AC/DC with En Vogue and a dash of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, the resulting song is...actually...a banger. Scorpions, Poison, Salt n' Pepa, Madge, Nirvana...the gang's all here. And if you loved this, no worries, Hood Internet is going to release another song every week during October, so get ready for flashback season. 

Borat's the way we like it

If some classic, remixed, 90s bangers aren't quite enough to keep your spirits up (unlikely, surely, but these are tough times) then you might find some solace in the news that everyone's favourite Kazakh journalist is back to spread havoc and joy in equal measure. Fourteen years after Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan [more succinctly known as Borat!] was unleashed on an unsuspecting worldSacha Baron Cohen's comic creation is back in a new Amazon Prime film to be released on October 23. As reported in The Guardian this week, the official trailer [below], isn't the only time Borat has hit the headlines this week. Yesterday a spoof Twitter account called @KazakhstanGovt tweeted a short video heaping 'praise' on Donald Trump. Welcome back, Borat,. we've missed you.

Judge these books by their covers

As reported over at Creative Review, it’s been ten years since the last set of Great Ideas books was published, but Penguin Classics has returned with 20 new additions to the series. 

Titles range from stirring feminist manifestos to musings on happiness, civil rights, anarchy and the power of language – all wrapped up in pocket-size editions. Sojourner Truth’s Ain’t I A Woman features the activist’s speeches, while Peter Singer’s Why Vegan explores the ethical questions around eating animals. How To Be A Stoic, which collects the words of three Stoic philosophers on how to face life’s difficulties, feels particularly relevant for right now.

Designers Phil Baines, Catherine Dixon, Alistair Hall, Felix Koeberlin and David Pearson have created the covers, working in partnership with art director Jim Stoddart. As with the previous Great Ideas covers, the books are largely typographic, drawing inspiration – and letterforms – from the time period, place and cultural events each book relates to.

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