Smells like teen consciousness

‘The Lynx effect’ has turned out to be much more than a cheesy tagline to peddle deodorants: this week, in a brilliant PR boost for the male grooming brand, a coma patient has made a miraculous recovery after receiving a blast of body spray.

13-year-old Kacper Krauze had been unconscious for three weeks after falling in a Cumbrian river, and attempts to wake him through music and conversation had failed. But as soon as his mother sprayed him with his favourite Lynx deodorant, he opened his eyes. 

Exactly which variety produced the miraculous effect wasn’t disclosed, but some prime investigative journalism at the Guardian revealed it was either Lynx Black (watermelon, bergamot and frozen pear) or Lynx Gold (oud wood and dark vanilla). “I have always absolutely loved Lynx,” said Krauze. “I will continue to wear it now, always. It’s my lucky charm.” 

The view's out of this world... 

You're laid out in the unspoilt countryside beneath a night sky that stretches as far as the eye can see. There're no houses, no cars, no light pollution, nothing to hinder the view through your telescope of the great expanse of the universe painted above you. Well, nothing except a whacking great row of SpaceX satellites orbiting the Earth.

At least, that's the very real worry of some astronomers who have noted with alarm the launch of the first 60 spacecraft (of a planned 12,000) from SpaceX which are being used to implement the company's 'internet from space' initiative. 

As reported in The Verge, the series of satellites which are "strung out like a line of glowing army ants" could be detrimental to scientists' studies of the deeper regions of space. “It’s going to become increasingly likely that the satellites will pass through the field of view and essentially contaminate your view of the universe,” Darren Baskill, an outreach officer of physics and astronomy at the University of Sussex, told The Verge. “And it’s going to be really difficult to remove that contamination away from our observations.”

True. But if the project is successful we'll also be able to stream new episodes of Black Mirror from pretty much anywhere, so, you know, priorities...

Gotta catch some zzzZZZZ's

According to Polygon, The Pokémon Company has announced its new app, Pokémon Sleep, which seeks to gamify the act of getting forty winks. Slated for release in 2020, Pokémon Sleep is being designed with the idea of “transforming sleep into entertainment.” 

The app will monitor users’ sleep patterns and reward them for time spent snoozing. If the new game can do for sleeping what Pokémon Go did for walking, we'll all be diving under the duvet in double-quick time. 

Disney takes us to the Galaxy’s Edge 

 From today, it won’t take a trip to a galaxy far, far away to visit the sights, sounds and smells of the Star Wars universe. As the largest expansion to their DisneyLand Park in California, the House Of Mouse have spared no expense in creating the now-canonical planet of Batuu. 

Visitors can purchase custom lightsabers, build a droid and, if that all gets a bit too much, can chug back a large glass of (vegan?!) blue milk at Oga’s Cantina. The star (pun intended) attraction, though, is Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run, an immersive ride in which guests can take on the role of pilot, gunner or engineer. Soon to join that is Rise of the Resistance, a 28-minute-long experience through the Dark Order. 

Seemingly taking a leaf out of Secret Cinema’s immersive experience handbook, the entire location is dressed to make visitors feel as though they’ve stepped into the movie, with the Disney cast-members who inhabit it “remaining in-character as you interact with them”, as reported in SlashFilm

Alas, if you want to visit now, you’re out of luck, as a Disneyland park ticket alone won't get you in. But fear not, as from June 24th, there's no reservation needed, just a regular park ticket (and a drop of the Force) will get you in. We’ve got a good feeling about this.

Kicking up a presidential stink

If you’re heading down to the anti-Trump March in London on June 4, you might have thought about donning some protective gear, to keep out the US President’s toxic hot air. It’s nasty stuff alright…

 Luckily, a group of Lucky Generals employees have got you covered with gas masks, hazmat suits and stickers as part of a cheeky initiative called #TrumpStinks, to protest the Trump’s visit to the UK capital. Anyone wanting to get involved prior to the anti-Trump March on 4th June can simply visit and order the accessories for free to wear on the march to demonstrate their disrespect.

As well as the website, the team will be handing out masks to local businesses surrounding the protest route. On the day of the march itself, more masks will be given out and celebrities and protestors will be asked to tweet their pics of support with the #TrumpStinks hashtag. Here’s hoping we’ll be inhaling the sweet smell of a successful protest.