A picture of health

We are currently all living apart from each other. Here in the UK the guidelines state two metres is the distance we must keep from those not in our households. No handshakes, no hugs, no quick peck on a cheek. There are no concerts, no sport activities, just the constant space between. A new photographic project, the #TwoMetresProject, sets out to document how we’re coping and adapting with such restrictions.

Created by award-winning photographer Tom Oldham and creative director Cathy Hutton, each of the portraits was taken with safety precautions paramount, from a position two metres away, and each point of view was audio recorded and transcribed. #TwoMetresProject was originally created for social media but, with the outdoor media market severely hit( bookings are down by 80%) the project's creators asked Craft Media to help, and they offered poster spots local to where the subjects of the shoot live.

#TwoMetresProject lives on Instagram, where you can find the narrative for each person and also forms a mini outdoor exhibition on digital posters to support it. "To capture this historical moment we had to be really careful," says Hutton. "It was just Tom and myself shooting and audio recording people’s stories. On the morning of our first day’s walk Tom said I’d probably fall in love with people doing this, and I have. British stoicism is very much alive and well."

Slowest puzzle on earth

Heinz recently launched a contest for a 570-piece puzzle inspired by its world-famous ketchup. Heinz put together a puzzle that is simply just red... Heinz notes that it's puzzle might "might be the slowest puzzle on Earth." The difficulty of the puzzle should make it extremely perplexing as each jigsaw piece expressing the same matte red colour with only the rough shape serving as guide to completing the puzzle. Playing off its 57 varieties tag line, Heinz will only be releasing 57 kits of its 570-piece puzzle for serious puzzle aficionados and ketchup fans.

Check out the Ketchup Red Puzzle above and head over to Heinz's Facebook page for more info.

It's time to Face The Music

Have you ever fancied being a member of the history-changing rock band Wyld Stallyns? With the world's second-favourite time-travelling duo, Bill and Ted, returning to the big screen in the Summer (hopefully!) with Bill & Ted Face The Music, the filmmakers are asking the public to get involved in the fun. As explained on the site Party On With Bill And Ted, by recording a video of yourself rocking out to the provided track, you could get to see yourself IN the film, we're guessing as part of some glorious montage akin to the previous film's God Gave Rock & Roll To You tearjerker. 

Be excellent, don't be bogus and never forget... SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!

A binary postal service

Catalogued on FWA, Postcards from Isolation is an interactive art project that shows off some of our collective cultural shifts that are occurring because of the lockdown. Each postcard is a digital commentary on the ways in which our lives have changed. A calendar gets jumbled up, the distance in between "you" and "me" gets stretched out and then never recovers, a mouse gets trapped into a small box. The animation has both "pre" and "post" ideas, showing off the differences in black and white. You can even send a card to your friend, but not, you know, physically. Even art has to keep up a social distance.