The U shops have always wanted to build unique relationships with the small businesses that shape our regions.

This proximity is explained by the geographical location of the brand, anchored in our territories, in our villages, as close as possible to these companies. This way of doing business resonates with our time and the changing behaviour of consumers. Never has their trust in the products of French small and micro companies been so strong. 

This bond that the company cultivates with its partners is one of the strengths of the company's cooperative model. Each shop owner, because they are autonomous in the choice of partners, prefers human-sized and local structures.
This is their way of supporting the local fabric and encouraging jobs in our regions, and it is also their way of helping their customers discover the best of our regions.

Systeme U – The Giant

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U commitments to SMEs

  • More than 2950 French SME suppliers of products (as of 31.12.20).
  • 77% of the company's French suppliers are VSEs and SMEs. 
  • The U shops and the Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of France (FEEF) have signed an agreement to deepen their cooperation.

So after so many years of working hand in hand with small businesses, the brand wanted to reaffirm loud and clear that the men and women of the U stores are ready to do anything, really anything, to help small businesses grow.

The U shops are taking the floor with a new communication campaign to highlight this very special relationship between the brand and its partners, and to underline this choice of the human scale, one of the pillars of "alternative" trade, a trade that favours healthy, responsible and local products.

Through this tale, we follow the unusual days of a U partner whose objective is clear: to do everything possible to make the village children want to eat soup, but not just any soup, but the one of Mère George, a local small business that distributes its products at U. A timeless bill, to show that this story is more than a fable, it is the reality of the brand, a reality that isn’t new and that the bosses of each U shop maintain on a daily basis with all their partners.