With the virtual screening rooms for the shots Awards now filling up nicely with top content, we announce the second pair of juries that will be giving it the once, twice, many overs.

Below we have team of jurors for both the Music and Sound Design categories, as well as the gang casting [pun intended] their expert eyes over the Casting and Production & Styling groups.

Clicking on the names will take you to our Awards page and give you more information about each of the judges and, as well you know, all of the Head Judges for each category have already been announced. We will be revealing more jury teams in the coming weeks. 

The deadline for entry into the shots Awards The Americas 2021 has now been extended to February 26. For more information about the Awards, click here, or to enter, click here. 

Music and Sound Design Jury

[Head Judge] Michelle Curran, Owner, amber music

Tanvi Patel, CEO/Partner, Crucial Music

Ben Short, Director of Licensing, Warner Chappell

Paul Greco, Executive Director of Music & Audio, Wunderman Thompson North America

Phil Loeb, Owner, Heard City

Tanya LeSieur, Head of Production/Associate Partner, MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER

Andrea Macarthur, Commercial Editor, Union/Bread and Butter

Chris Klein, Producer, TBWA Chiat Day

Wendell Hanes, Owner/Composer, Volition Sound

Bill Chesley, Owner, HenryBoy

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Casting and Production & Styling Jury

[Head Judge] Grace Snell, Costume Designer & Stylist

Tiwirayi Magwenzi, Executive Producer, C41

Cynthia Lawrence-John, Costume Designer & Stylist 

Anna Rhodes, Production Designer

Natalie O Brien, Costume Designer & Stylist 

Edward Flores, Founder, Elevator Casting

Shane Valentino, Production Designer

Young-Ah Kim, Costume Designer & Stylist 

Janet Haase, Costume Designer & Stylist 

Brandon Barnard, Director of Film and Content, Matter Films

Above: The shots Awards The Americas is sponsored by GPN.