Former Hobby Films CEO Tom Rickard has launched Goody Bag to bring agencies, brands and production companies together with the goal of making outstanding content. 

Goody Bag will represent a roster of production, creative and VFX companies across the European market as well as tap into it’s expanding network across Asia to take Scandinvian talent further abroad.

‘Earlier this year I made the decision to step down from Hobby Film to focus my energy on something new. Then COVID-19 reared its’ ugly head…’ explains Tom Rickard.

‘Oddly enough, it’s highlighted how hard it can be to find new opportunities for work, growth and, quite frankly, survival when you’re faced with the immediate pressure of the here-and-now. Goody Bag is here to help companies focus on their future, so that they can focus on their craft.’

Goody Bag has announced Hobby Film as its first client. 

Tom Rickard joined Hobby Film’s Stockholm office as a production assistant shortly after arriving from Australia in 2010. He quickly became Head of Sales and established Hobby’s first international office in Amsterdam. Having taking over as CEO in 2015, Hobby has expanded its global presence via a string of new offices (Copenhagen, Oslo, New York), new departments (Hobby Studio, Hobby Creative) and an all star roster including the likes of the Perlorian Brothers, Björn Rühmann, Magnus Renfors, Oskar Bård and Cloé Bailly to name but a few.

‘Sales’ is often still seen as a dirty word in the creative world. But I can’t help being driven and excited about growing businesses and tracking down new opportunities for directors, artists, creatives and designers to create brilliant work. It’s equally rewarding to help agencies and brands in their quest to find the perfect partner to breathe life into their idea. I get to play creative cupid!’