International production company Stink Films announce the addition of Matilda Finn to their US roster for commercials and music video representation.

Matilda Finn is a distinctive storyteller, with an uncommon voice and surreal aesthetic. Her synesthetic experience of music is evidenced in the dreamlike pieces she produces. Finn has received wide acclaim for her music videos, beginning with her win for Best New Director at the UK MVAs in 2017, leading to her nomination for best director in 2019.

Finn’s formidable video for Berlin producer Apparat’s Heroist distills the spectrum of human feeling, from fear to ecstasy, into a sci-fi dream sequence constructed from hundreds of photos (954, to be exact). Taking inspiration from a favorite George Orwell quote about “going to the dogs" the film probes the ironic duality at the heart of enlightenment: the relief that can come from surviving hardship.

In addition to her music videos, Finn also brings her unique sensibility to a variety of ad and branded projects. Finn’s Journey to Independence for the UK disability charity Leonard Cheshire also has her signature unearthly style principles. Her uncompromising look into what it takes to push through pain and frustration to find the strength to heal following a life-changing accident is thought-provoking and empowering. Most recently she brought her vision to We Don’t Care for Medicins du Monde, highlighting the humanity of people in need of care using stark, meticulously constructed black and white imagery.

“Matilda’s imagination is undeniably electrifying,” says Daniel Bergmann, Founder & President of Stink Films. 

We’re thrilled to bring her unique talent into the US market in this important next stage of her creative career.

Finn shares, "I’ve had a great year with Stink in the UK and now I’m really happy to branch out into working in the US. I’m looking forward to collaborating on film projects with agencies and brands as well as exploring the other content possibilities Stink offers, like photography and experiential. This is why I have loved working with Stink as they look after my capabilities and have a broad mind about creativity”