Bicoastal Station Film has signed acclaimed commercial and music video director Declan Whitebloom for commercials in the U.S. 

His spots for brands such as Pinterest, Target, Fiat and Lipton, and promos for artists including Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Rita Ora depict his ability to inject energy and excitement into scenes with details like subtle hints of color, unexpected casting and a filmmaking style that sweeps you up and takes you along for the ride. Among his most recent work are commercials for Google and Pinterest, and the music video No One for Jess Glynne, his latest and seventh promo for the singer/songwriter who’s set records for most UK No. 1 hits of any female artist ever.

“What attracted us to Declan, besides his enthusiasm and vivaciousness, is the bright and upbeat look of his film,” comments Caroline Gibney, Partner/Executive Producer, Station Film. “His storytelling feels effortless, with an energy, charm and topical style that reflects his unique love and expertise of the filmmaking craft.”

“After reaching out and chatting with Caroline and Steve Orent, I realized they’re both excited and passionate about the business and that’s how I feel, too,” Whitebloom says. “There’s no denying advertising is changing, but there is plenty of opportunity all around. Companies need to be nimble and progressive which is exactly what Station is.”

“Caroline and I were excited when Declan reached out,” comments Stephen Orent, Managing Partner, Station Film. “We’re big fans of his work and his style; it’s a style we’ve been looking for at Station. His energy and passion fit right in with our culture. We’re ready to create some great work together.”

A London native and now longtime Angeleno, Whitebloom grew up on the sets of his brother’s shoots (Monty of Big TV!). After art school he moved to Los Angeles and worked as a PA and in the art department before moving into post production. He was an editor on hundreds of award-winning music videos before stepping behind the camera to direct his own videos. He’s won CMA Awards for his videos for The Band Perry and Taylor Swift, along with multiple nominations for both CMAs and MTV VMAs.

“I’m a great collaborator and my editing background enables me to make decisions quickly which is an asset on set,” he says. “Directing music videos teaches you about nuance, visual storytelling and how to be concise and economical. It also gives you the freedom to think outside the box and that’s invaluable with commercials.”

Above: Declan with recording artist Jess Glynne

Whitebloom has applied those learnings to a career of directing content that leaves a lasting impression, whether heartfelt or upbeat. While his music videos for Jess Glynne document emotional journeys, his commercials for brands such as Target, Fiat, Lipton and Pinterest celebrate through song and dance, or playful performances and dialogue.

“There are so many creative inspirations in film and television, and commercials, too,” Whitebloom says. “Social media is exposing us to people and art from all over the world at an astonishing rate. It’s hard not to see inspiration all around.”

Whitebloom has been part of that inspiration as well, not only through his own work, but by playing a role in the work of provocative artist Banksy’s 2015 Art Exhibition “Dismaland” – a pop-up art exhibition in the form of an apocalyptic UK theme park. Whitebloom was used as a decoy movie director who was featured in the media as the project’s architect during the five weeks Banksy’s team spent building the dystopian theme park exhibition.