Starling add the French/US director Louise De Nexon to its growing UK roster of talent.

De Nexon’s bold, eye-catching work is fast attracting the attention of a multitude of fashion, beauty and sports brands. She’s a natural storyteller with a talent for casting but she also shows great empathy behind the camera, enabling her to draw out beautifully authentic performances from her actors. 

Nimble enough to throw her creative gaze at a wide range of scripts, De Nexon always shows meticulous attention to detail when it comes to creating her distinctive and powerful aesthetics.

Starling’s EP and founder, Charlie Stanfield, says: "We’re so excited to have Louise joining the Starling roster in the UK. She’s already developed such a strong visual eye and that, coupled with authentic performances, brings a very exciting body of work for someone in the early stages of her career. I can’t wait for us to do our first project together."

De Nexon adds: “Right upon meeting the Starling team, I immediately felt connected to their love of storytelling and keen eye for bold aesthetics. I could not be more excited to join their fantastic UK roster, and am looking forward to our adventures together.”