Snapper Films have signed the Director/Creator/Actress Ellie Heydon to their Roster for commercial Representation in the UK.

Heydon crafts female-led stories that are hilariously funny, bold and often pretty dark. Very dark. Her shorts include a comedy about a friendship group on the cusp of adulthood attending their friend's memorial in Hastings. Yes, a comedy. Inevitably, there is one tone-deaf friend who believes a beach burial is a
necessary ritual of any seaside holiday. No matter the context. Another short examines what to do when your partner's terminally ill mother's dying wish is for you to get a tramp stamp of your boyfriend's name. Head straight to the nearest tattoo parlour.

Heydon’s wacky, original, brilliantly funny and beautifully executed multi-award-winning shorts show her unique directorial talent. Her wickedly witty lens can trigger a deep sadness fused with a truly uncomfortable desire to belly laugh your guts up. 

Heydon’s most recent short Pragma was exec produced by Academy award winner Jason Sudeikis and stars Emmy-award winning Nick Mohammad and Phil Dunster. Pragma premiered at Underwire Festival in the UK and will make its international premiere at Tribeca in June 2022. It is currently being developed into a TV series with monumental television.

Pragma is an intensely original examination of dating in a world that is rapidly becoming run by algorithms. It is an off-beat romantic comedy set in a Postgraduate Partnering Programme, led by the world’s leading practitioner in sustainable love. Moments of laugh out loud brilliance (think of the darkest corners of dating apps) interwoven with a sense of tender loneliness and artful romantic tension.

The sharply written script is bought to life by Heydon’s ability to galvanise radiant performances from her cast, paired with a razor-sharp score and hauntingly blue hues.

"We are delighted to welcome Ellie to Snapper. She is a ray of sunshine, fizzing with creativity and exuberant charm. We cannot wait to see her bring her flair for comedy to commercial storytelling." SAYS Helen Hadfield, Snapper’s MD

“Ellie Heydon is an irresistible talent, whip-smart, very funny, an acute observer and fanattsic company. She is a rapidly rising phoenix in a highly competitive marketplace. She loves what she does and it shows. And we love her for it! Showcasing her talent to an advertising audience will be a joy. We are incredibly excited about working with her”