Born and raised in New York, and a graduate of Wesleyan University, Elena Parasco is known for her engaging, docu-grounded style shot, Parasco pushes what doc-style can be.

Through a carefully considered lens, influenced by the female gaze, she looks to redefine how stories in culture, sport, and movement are approached. Her work is unapologetic and raw, a constant play of hard meets soft and anthemic meets authentic. Perhaps her most representative work to date is downtowngirlsbball, where her aim was to leverage the strength of the quick-cut montage, while experimenting with breaking down and rebuilding the gaze in which subjects are filmed, especially within sports.

Parasco has worked with numerous world-renowned artists and brands, including Nike, Levi’s, Warner Brothers, Samsung, Calvin Klein, A$AP Rocky, the New York Knicks, and the New York City Ballet. Her film and creative work have been featured in publications including the New York Times, T Magazine, Vogue, Fast Company, and Vice.

“The people behind Sibling Rivalry truly support and care about a director’s trajectory,” says Parasco. ”At its core, the company understands where I want to be going next, and they are constantly adjusting to the ever-shifting landscape of film and online content today. They offer a sense of nurturing AND pushing, with the mentorship of their great leads, which makes SR the right place for me.”

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Emily Elizabeth Thomas’s directing approach utilizes unconventional design and vintage-feeling imagery while remaining rooted in story. She is passionate about details and how they affect the emotional connection of a piece. Thomas' goal as a director is to push the edges, make you feel, and disrupt the systems of power which keep women and minorities down.

A current resident of Brooklyn, NY, Thomas was raised in Austin, Texas and is a cowgirl at heart. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she received an MA in Screenwriting and Gender Studies from New York University. A multi-faceted director, Thomas’ work has garnered awards from multiple film festivals. Her most recent project, The Gathering, is a branded short film created for the Brooklyn Film Festival, in collaboration with TBWA\Chiat\Day. The film takes on the subject of sexual misconduct and gender-based bias in the film industry.

“From my first conversation with Maggie and Shelby I knew it was a special place, they truly care about craft and collaboration,” says Thomas. “There is an intimacy, a specificity, to the community at SR. It is small but very mighty. You get the feeling that everyone is there for a reason, by design, and everything is curated intentionally. There are great, unique, and endlessly interesting things in store here. I can’t wait for what the future brings.”

Shelby Ross, Sibling Rivalry Executive Producer, says, “We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with both Emily and Elena. They each represent their own individual type of storytelling and bring unique sensibilities that make our roster all the stronger. Not only does their work feel so right for this moment, but they are also each a unique and necessary addition to the Sibling Rivalry family.”

Says Sibling Rivalry Managing DirectorMaggie Meade, “We have been waiting to grow our roster with the right talent to complement our aesthetic. Emily and Elena immediately felt like part of the Sibling family with the right energy and talents, and lucky us to support and work with two smart women.”