Visual Diet: We are what we see. Exploring the Relationship between Imagery and Mental Health.

10.45, Lumiere Theatre, Palais 1

We are force-fed tens of thousands of images every day. Many of these hyper-retouched, sexually gratuitous and highly addictive. We want to make people aware that, just like you are what you eat, what you see affects your mental health. Visual Diet seeks to promote body and mind positive imagery, encourage people to it seek out, create and publish it. Public art, social media, branded content, personal or professional, it all counts.

Join world renowned photographer Rankin, Jude Kelly CBE and Head of Visual Content at M&C Saatchi Mimi Gray to discuss the impact of our visual diet and the responsibility we have as an industry to make it better.

Pitch to Win. Acting Techniques for Pitching

11.00, Workshop Room, Palais 1

Pitch presenting is a craft: a craft you can learn. This dynamic, on-you-feet masterclass shares vocal and acting techniques, taught to Oscar-winners, that will help you communicate authentically and with gravitas — every time you pitch.

Gain confidence, along with practical skills, as you unleash your body, your voice, and your imagination in this immersive 90-minute workshop that will also delve into the psychology of your “audience” a.k.a., your future clients.

This class is suitable for experienced to novice pitchers, particularly those feeling both curious and brave.

Questions this session will answer:

How can I win more business?

How can I better engage my clients and have them listen to bold ideas?

How can I lessen my nerves before I pitch?

Less Stuff. More Joy: Life-Changing Japanese Creativity

1.30 pm, Lumiere Theatre, Palais 1

The Japanese art of minimalism is unfolding on a mass scale, thanks to Marie Kondo, star of the hit Netflix series based on her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Marie’s mystical mantra “Does it spark joy?” has inspired millions to confront their possessions and let go of anything that no longer serves them. People around the world are now obsessed with Marie – and her KonMari Method – for simplifying their lives and unlocking happiness.

How has Marie’s philosophy tapped into the eternal pursuit of joy to reverse today’s excess, spark social conversations and bring about behavioral change across cultures? She and her husband, Takumi Kawahara, will reveal the secrets of the KonMari phenomenon.