We know the industry, and the world at large, is in flux. Offices are closed, shoots are cancelled and nobody knows how and when this will all end. 

While we all get to grips with what's going on, we want you to know that here at shots, we're going to continue to do what we do best: keeping you connected and updated on the situation and the challenges facing the industry and its companies, and, most importantly, keeping you creatively inspired in these tough times.


Wherever possible, we'll be speaking to our readers, members and industry leaders throughout the world to find out what's happening, and what can be done with regards creative advertising output in the current situation. 

We'll also be talking to companies and individuals from every sector of the industry to find out what solutions they're using to combat the changing workspace. These are extraordinary times, and it would be foolish to pretend they're not having an effect on every element of production.


Creative stimulation is needed now more than ever, so we're planning to focus a lot of our efforts into getting inspiring and, let's face it, distracting content to you on a daily basis. Alongside our regular On My Radar, A Few Of My Favourite Things, The Art Of Advertising and Playlist features, we'll be speaking to the industry about filmic nuggets that have stimulated their senses. 

We're talking showcases, Q&As, long-reads, short-reads, mini-film-fests, top picks and 'have-you-seen's from the most recent work to that from our extensive archive. We promise, you won't be short of things to watch.

Our regular content

You will still be able to rely on shots for diving into topics and hearing from individuals that matter to our industry. We'll still be writing profiles, presenting opinions and showcasing exceptional work, so the shots you know and (hopefully) love will still be present.

Above all else, we really hope you all stay safe and optimistic in these unpredictable times.