The suits have been dry-cleaned, the votes checked and checked again and the trophies inscribed - it's almost time for shots Awards Asia Pacific to announce its winners.

As with our Americas awards, we've decided to break the whole thing down into a week's worth of snackable, fun-loving episodes, bundling a handful of categories into each.

Presented by shots Co-Editors Danny Edwards and Jamie Madge, each 10ish-minute nugget will be accompanied by an updated Slate showreel, giving everyone a chance to see the winning and shortlisted work in full.

Monday to Thursday will see the submission-based categories awarded, with Friday's instalment dishing out trophies to the companies and people that have picked up the most points over the course of the entire show.

We can't wait to see you there.

Look below for a breakdown of the days in which categories are awarded, as well as links to the shortlists.

All results, as well as the award shows themselves, will appear at 6pm AEDT (click here for your time zone) on their assigned day.

EPISODE 1 - Monday, October 4th

Cinematography (Up to and including two minutes)
Cinematography (Above two minutes)
Direction (Up to and including 60-seconds)
Direction (From 61-seconds to three-minutes inc)
Direction (Above three minutes)

EPISODE 2 - Tuesday, October 5th

Concept (Up to and including two minutes)
Concept (Above two minutes)
Production and Styling

EPISODE 3 - Wednesday, October 6th

Animation (2D)
Animation (3D)

EPISODE 4 - Thursday, October 7th

Sound Design
Use of Music
shots Music Video of the Year
shots New Director of the Year

EPISODE 5 - Friday, October 8th

Director of the Year
VFX Company of the Year
Agency of the Year
Editing House
Editor of the Year
Production Co of the Year
Audio Company of the Year

(Please note, these categories have no shortlist as they are decided on points alone.)