Commercial production company REVERSE announce the signing of director Ashton Sterling Bingham.

Embodying a harmonious blend of substance and beauty, Bingham's films evoke emotional resonance through the interplay of visuals and music, often emphasising sound design and minimal dialogue. Approaching each frame with technical proficiency, he elevates every project to an immersive, transcendent, and profoundly human experience, both in form and meaning. Through these techniques, he has distinguished himself in the commercial space, seamlessly navigating the entire spectrum of brand storytelling for clients such as Porsche, McLaren, Ancestry, and Nokian Tyres.

“I find joy in the creative process and collaborating with people I genuinely enjoy being around, and REVERSE immediately felt like a match,” remarks Bingham. “Between the impressive talent roster that Thibaut Estellon, Founder/Executive Producer at REVERSE has assembled and learning about his ambitious vision for the future, everything just clicked and felt like the right home for me to take my next big leap as a director.” 

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Salt Lake City, Utah, Bingham was raised by a family of artistic influencers. His mother, a muralist, taught him the intricacies of art and visual storytelling to communicate complex narratives. His grandfather, an award-winning photographer for National Geographic, broadened his worldview while imparting the craft of capturing and shaping light – fundamentals that continue to permeate his cinematic language, sublime, organic, and ethereal all at once. Simultaneously, Bingham’s father, a skilled mechanic, instilled invaluable traits as a storyteller and problem-solver, particularly in his approach to automotive filmmaking. This is exemplified in his ad for McLaren, featuring a breathtaking ballet performance to convey the concept of precision. 

Bingham also cites luminary filmmakers Aaron Sorkin, Damien Chazelle, and Frank Darabont as inspirations. Beyond dialogue and camera movement, his passion for storytelling is deeply rooted in his connection to music. 

“Pictures don't make me cry, but a song or a movie can bring me to tears,” says Bingham. “That's why I'm drawn to the fusion of music and visuals. It’s a symphony that truly enhances the impact of storytelling in a profound way.” 

Before joining REVERSE, Bingham was represented by Skunk in the U.S. market. He attributes his emergence as a director to the hands-on experience gained through internships and working as a production assistant on every local commercial shoot that welcomed him. When he wasn’t on set learning from mentors like Diego Contreras and Aaron Tao, Bingham maximised his free time by immersing himself in online tutorials, investing in gear, and experimenting with cameras and lenses through his personal projects.

"I was fortunate to learn from seasoned professionals while working on commercial sets and fell in love with short-form storytelling in the process,” recalls Bingham. "The constraints of time, resources, and budgets associated with these mediums presented challenges that pushed me to innovate and be resourceful in my directorial approach.” 

“Ashton is a great fit for our roster,” concludes Estellon. “He has a charming personality and a hunger for success, and his work is elegant and powerful, with an exceptional sense of humanity, modernity, and pacing. We're excited to develop and connect him with top agencies and brands. He's a true diamond in the rough, and we can’t wait to establish him as a director that matters.”