Recess Post, part of the Holiday United Group (HUG), has bolstered its offering with a new leadership team and a broader network as it continues to provide bespoke post-production teams for Canadian and American advertising content projects.

The Recess Post team is led by Executive Producer Tanja Harney. With over a decade of industry experience starting production side and including stops at The Assembly (now Smile and Wave), Technicolor and Married to Giants, Harney has built a strong network of Canadian and international talent working at a variety of price points. She draws on this network to custom-build post teams based on careful consideration of creative vision and project resources.

The flexibility of the Recess approach is appreciated by clients such as Matt Hassell, owner and ECD at Ultralight Creative. “I am constantly looking for unique solutions for my clients which often means extending beyond a traditional approach to creative production. Recess not only understands this, they thrive when given one of these opportunities. Every experience I have had with Recess deepens my appreciation of them. I can count on them to deliver as a creative partner and as a diligent supplier. And most importantly, they have standards that they will not sacrifice. I am sure a Recess job will be one I’ll add to my reel.”

Projects are overseen by Harney’s hand-picked post production team who serve as a trusted backbone for their clients, many of whom are small agencies.

Hanna Bratt, Head of Production at Angry Butterfly explains why they chose to work with Recess for a recent project. “After shooting for multiple days with a US based director represented by Holiday Films, partnering with Recess Post was a natural next step,” says Bratt. “Recess Post could offer us an experienced team to run all aspects of post, from editorial, to transfer and online. One of the strengths of Recess is their great network of freelancers that unlock the next-level quality work. Our final product delivered on everything our client could dream of and the journey there was smooth which, speaking as a producer, is pretty important too”.

The value of the Recess role in full-service HUG projects is echoed by Lexi Marton, Director, Brand Marketing at RBC. “Holiday Films and Recess Post have been instrumental in the delivery of best-in-class RBC Olympic campaigns over the last several years. We trust their creative vision, expertise, and ability to rally the best in the business around key projects and deliverables. I look forward to continued collaboration with Tanja and the HUG integrated team.”

For Harney, it distills down to quality creative and effective support. “Every project demands a professional, considered, focused approach with people who are fun to work with and bring a spirit of collaboration to the table.”

Recent results are a testament to the effectiveness of the Recess Post model and the team’s hard work. “We are seeing a lot of repeat business and more stand-alone post project opportunities which is exciting,” says Harney. “Once people see the value in the approach they want to come back. That is very rewarding for us and leads to the kinds of relationships that are the foundation for the growth of our brand.”