What’s the best music video you’ve seen recently and why?

Glenn: The best music video I’ve seen recently is probably Kanye West - Heaven and Hell directed by Arnaud Bresson. I’m big into world building and this video created it’s own universe very quickly that you’re easily sucked into. The VFX were nuts. If you look into inspiration behind a lot of the scenes, they were really able to bring those paintings/pictures to life. I’ve always been interested in referencing and turning a single photo or painting into an entire film or video. 

Christo: Porches - Lately because I wish I made it. Simple. Memorable. Makes the song better. 

What’s the first music video you remember being impressed by?

G: Nirvana - Silver comes to mind. Not sure why but it’s really left an impression on my as a young person and I always come back to it. But truthfully, it was probably The Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money Mo Problems, I’m a huge fan of Hype Williams’ work when he really started to get big budget videos. That video is even impressive by today’s standards. 

C: Radiohead - Just.

And what’s your all-time favourite music video?

G: This is impossible for me to answer. But there are a few videos, even if I’ve seen thousands of times, I’m glued to the screen, beginning to end when it’s on, Daft Punk - Da Funk directed by Spike Jonze being one of them.

C: No such thing. Too many to count. But some that have always stuck with me: Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun, Justice - Stress, The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up, and Daft Punk - Prime Time Of Your Life.

What other directors/artists do you look to for inspiration?

G: Spike Jonze and Kubrick are always huge inspirations of mine. Lately, I’m really into Yargos Lanthimos movies. 

I’ve been into photographers like Lars Tunbjork and Alex Prager, recently. They make me wanna pick up a stills camera and seek out whatever the Filipino/Asian version of what they do is. 

C: No comment.

What are you listening to at the moment?

G: Just looking at the last 3 songs I’ve listened to on Spotify: Overmono - Diamond Cut, Burial - Rodent and an Esther Perel podcast lol.

C: Yeat, The Dixie Chicks, Marvin Gaye, Nicholas Britell, Yaosobi 

Vince Staples – Law Of Averages

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What’s your favourite bit of tech, whether for professional or personal use? 

 G: I was recently gifted AirPod Max’ from a friend. I was never really huge on headphones or their sound quality, but after these, I don’t see myself going back to anything less. I don’t go anywhere without them. 

 C: Beats Pill. Stole it from set once and haven’t gone a day without it. Great for set. Great for being on the go. Great for annoying my closest friends. And my juicer.

What artist(s) would you most like to work with and why?

G: Just because they’re huge influences of mine - Kanye, Kid Cudi, Daft Punk. I feel like I’ve consumed so much of their work over the years that its unconsciously seeped into my work and DNA. It would just be an honour to give something back to them - even if it’s in the small form of a music video. 

C: Daft Punk. Because I can’t now and I’ve always wanted to. 

Toro Y Moi – Postman

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Where do you see the music video industry being in five years’ time?

G: I’m not too sure to be honest. I feel like a lot of music videos right now are almost a disposable and saturated piece of promotion. I’d like to see videos get back to healthier budgets that can support creative and forward thinking ideas. 

Maybe in 5 years music videos will be more immersive, virtual, Web 3.0 experiences. 

C: Things feel a lot more disposable these days. Content for the sake of content. But there is a lot of more interesting and unique approaches starting to happen. 

Tell us one thing about yourself that most people won’t know…

G: No TV and no beer make Homer something something...

C: I love bad TV sitcoms.