Los Angeles-based production company Paxeros has appointed Rogue Rep as it’s West Coast and Texas sales representation. 

Paxeros, founded by producer Sean Drummond and director Chelsea Bo, is bringing an ethos-driven approach to the advertising world, both in the content it creates and the way it collaborates with others. The holistic full-service production company thrives at the intersection of advertising, film, television, and documentaries while championing diverse and underrepresented next-generation creative voices.

Founded by advertising veteran Dave Campbell, the recently formed representation agency Rogue Rep, delivers production companies, directors and creative talent to advertising agencies, brands and media companies across the nation. In addition to Paxeros, Rogue’s roster includes EVO Films, STORIES International, Neko Productions, and Denizen, each with their own unique approach to commercial, branded content, digital and experiential projects.

Campbell brings his diverse background in advertising to the forefront of creative representation. His experience in agency management at Chiat\Day, FCB, Saatchi & Saatchi NY and Wieden + Kennedy, as a brand manager at Microsoft, and more recently in business development at production companies Alldayeveryday, EVO Films and Alkemy X brings an unparalleled perspective for collaborating with agencies and brands. 

“First off, I’m just happy to work with great people who have vision, have hunger and who get it, like Sean, Chelsea and the Paxeros crew,” says Rogue Rep’s Campbell. “I also like what Paxeros stands for and it's right there in the name: Pax meaning peace and Eros is love. This business is about storytelling, so it’s good to align yourself with people interested in aligning their values in the creative business of storytelling.”

 Paxeros’ CEO & Executive Producer Sean Drummond adds, “We’re thrilled to have Dave representing our production company and our roster of next-generation directors. As a production company that values community and a positive work environment, we are excited to support each of our directors’ unique voice as they continue to collaborate with bigger brands and agencies. Our company has taken the Free the Bid pledge and we will continue to make it a priority to uplift and champion underrepresented creatives. We’re stoked to show the advertising world what it means to have a project be #MadeWithPaxeros.”