Shooting is made easy as pre-Covid in the Canary Islands and in Spain.

Paraiso Productions which is based in sunny and beautiful Lanzarote is creating and launching Paraiso Agency to offer a full range of services to its customers.

This new set-up is making it easy to resume creating advertising campaigns, photos, videos and films while respecting the new security measures and protocols which have been put in place since the Covid crisis.

The new artistic set-up of Paraiso Agency is composed of mutliple talents based locally but internationally renowned includes Stylist & Artistic director such as Laura Samblas (who has worked extensively for Mango), Jaime Hernandez Perez (hair & Makeup Artist) who has worked for the likes of Vogue), Swiss photographer Jacques Mezger who has worked for numerous Mercedes campaigns amongst others.

Overall more then 10 top professionals across all fields are now on hand to help finalising your campaigns.

Shoots are live-streamed and can be followed remotely no matter if the client is in Paris, Hamburg, London, Tokyo or New-York without having to travel to Spain or the Canaries. And clients can interact with the Artists on-site.

So you can straight away resume shooting in the Canary Islands simply by using the services of Paraiso Productions and Paraiso Services from the comfort of your own country, office or home.