London based Odelay Films has made an exciting new signing with the arrival of Bohdan Rohulskyi.

Originally from Odessa in Southern Ukraine, Rohulskyi moved to the UK a few months ago to progress his directing career. Having been raised in a theatrical family he first discovered his love for film through theatre and music and both play a huge part in his work today. Following a masters in filmmaking he embarked on his directing journey at the Senat agency in Kyiv. Here he honed his craft and created films for McDonald’s, Vans, Puma and CP Company. 

Rohulskyi’s work is representative of the new wave of emerging directors. With a keen eye for trends, his films reflect the evolving zeitgeist. His dynamic vision explores new filming techniques and pushes boundaries in its quest to discover the next generation of viewers. His work is characterised by his playful transitions, camera trickery and VFX, which all bring his stories to life with a unique flare and character. His fresh approach makes him an ideal storyteller for brands seeking new audiences.

Rohulskyi’s commitment and enthusiasm for his craft is boundless. Aware of the language barrier he has already taught himself to speak English in just a few weeks. The Ukrainian creative industry is dominated by young creative folk who present a daring, experimental and unique take on advertising. His dedication, fresh take on directing and his undeniable skill as a storyteller were key to attracting the attention of Odelay Films.

MD of Odelay Prudence Beecroft is excited to welcome Rohulskyi to their roster: "We discovered Bohdan's work on Instagram and were immediately drawn to his bright colour palette, styling and creative flare. The way the camera moves around, through and into the environment feels fresh and dynamic. Mixed format, VFXs, unique production design, movement and  performance are all used in harmony to keep the visual landscape evolving and interesting, there is never a dull moment in his work! Bohdan comes with bags of ideas and inspiration for creative projects.  We are excited to build his commercial body of work with brands that are as daring, playful, and innovative as he is."

On joining Odelay Films Rohulskyi comments: “What first attracted me to Odelay was the people. I look for real human connections. I realised that Odelay Films is not only a team of professionals, but they’re people with a similar outlook on life. We share the same values and approach to film production and they are the kind people I want to walk hand in hand with. I’m also excited to be living in London. You can be whoever you want, love whatever you want and wear whatever you want.  To be able to express myself has made me feel truly free. The people around me amaze me every day. I have always loved discovering new cultural experiences and London never ceases to surprise me”.